Sahil Patel

Computer Engineering Student
UC Riverside Class of 2022

About Me

I became an avid Computer Science and Engineering enthusiast when my high school first offered a CompSci class my Junior year. That first introduction was to Java, and since, I have pursued expanding my knowledge by exploring other languages through projects on my own time!

I am currently a student at the University of California, Riverside (UCR), working towards a degree in Computer Engineering, which emphasizes both computer programming and electrical engineering. I am on track to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in 2022, and am considering pursuing a Master’s too.

While programming and PC Gaming are my passions, I also love to travel, and have done so extensively both within the USA and abroad. I enjoy golf, scuba diving and karting.


VR-Hand Controlled Drone

(Summer 2020)

During the Summer of 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2 friends and I developed a program to control a drone using only hand motions. We used a Leap-Motion VR-Hand sensor to feed live hand-location coordinates into a local WebSocket. From there, the drone, which is connected to a computer via WiFi, receives the coordinates. This, combined with a very user-friendly pygame GUI and custom keyboard commands to rotate/tilt the drone allowed us to control the drone.

Start-up Boot Camp Study Abroad Program

(Aug 4, 2019 - Sept 1, 2019)

I was fortunate enough to attend a study abroad program in London, England that was focused on teaching students about the culture that surrounds a successful start-up. I went through both the technical and business teachings, along with multiple guest speakers who shared their stories of success and failure during their start-up endeavors. We learned and experienced the process of daily scrum meetings and team organization using a Kanban board. During the course, my team produced and pitched our product (A++ Learning) to a panel of mock investors.

Bed Bath & Beyond

(Apr 2018 - Sept 2018) & (June 2019 - Aug 2019)

I worked at Bed Bath & Beyond for 2 previous summers. During my time there, I would assist customers with product recommendations and selections, man the cash register and address customer's needs/concerns. Additionally, I was responsible for restocking inventory and most importantly, being a team player.


All projects shown below are also publicly available on my Github to check out as well!

VR-Hand-Controlled Drone

In the spirit of the global pandemic, 2 friends and I decided to create a drone that we could control without touching anything. Thus, using python, we created a drone that uses a VR hand tracking unit as its controller!

A++ Learning

A++ Learning is a website that connects tutors and students at specific universities together. It acts as an easier means for students trying to find tutors who have taken the same and/or similar courses as they are.

Check out the website!

VR-3D-Paint (CutieHack 2020)

With CutieHack 2020 being remote, my group decided to stick with the concept of covid-19 friendly "touch-free" projects. Thus, the creation of our 3D paint program controlled by a VR hand sensor. The program allows us to mimick drawing in a 3D space on a 2D screen with the ability to draw depth. We built this program within the hackathon's 12 hour time restriction.

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Orange County, California